For many people, technology creates a challenge and even a barrier to business and personal communications. I help people find the right technology solutions to enhance communications and simplify their online platforms. And I work to build great relationships with clients, instead of the usual robot-like interactions I’ve often seen in my 20 years working in the IT world. That’s why my company is called Heart-Wired.

This can include everything from website development, to ecommerce, to almost anything you can imagine!


Our Story:

I can remember the days when a computer would virtually take up an entire room. The hum of dot matrix printers so loud with daily inventory reports that you could barely concentrate. My first computer was an IBM 286, and it was from there that my intrigue into technology began. Like many others, my life took some twists and turns through the years but always seemed to end up back in the dim lit light of a computer monitor late at night. Whether it was by first stint, or final stint at college or me plugging away at my one day, some day novel.

As the power of the web passed most everyone by, myself included to an extent. I found my calling, a bit of a mishap or misguidance perhaps. I had been helping others for many years as the local family or neighborhood tech support without really giving it much thought. I began to pour my heart into some treasured non-profits that I support and it was then that I realized how my gifts could serve their need. It was from that realization that HeartWired Technical Solutions was born.

We are primarily a web design company that focuses much of our work on clientele that are doing greater good within their community. This does not mean that the organization has to be a nonprofit, or a church, it simply means that we desire to work with those individuals or businesses whose focus is building their community for His kingdom.

Look forward to working with you soon!

All the best,