My “Why”

For 20 years, I’ve watched technology Charles Johnston, Digital Ninja at Heartwired Technical Solutionsexplode into a landscape of endless opportunities for businesses and organizations doing good work in the world.

But the quality of technology service hasn’t kept up.

It’s frustrating when you can’t make the website you’ve built work the way you want and you can’t find tech support you can trust.

It shouldn’t be hard, though. You deserve to work with a technology company that cares about you and the work you do.

I want to change everything about how web sites and tech support is delivered.

Do you need an updated website that connects deeply with your ideal customer?

Does your non-profit group need a better way to share the good work you do and inspire like-minded folks to support you?

Working with businesses of all sizes and charitable organizations to build an online presence worthy of your brand is at the heart of what I do.

Your Dreams. Your Goals. Your Heart.

That’s what I want to know about you before we create your web site.

I want to know the “why” of what you do so we build your digital presence to get you to your goals.

You deserve more than a cookie-cutter web site.

I’ll build your site and deliver tech support so you don’t have to the find time or patience to do it yourself.

Or miss out on customers or supporters because they found someone else online.

And can finally get the training you need so your site is always ready for visitors.

Let’s start the conversation today. Let’s get to know each other so we can build

The Backstory

HeartWired Technical Solutions was born even before I realized it was my true calling.

Always having a mind for all things wired, I was the “tech guy” for my family and neighbors for years. I’ve always loved figuring technology out and making it work.

But the dream of creating a web design company with heart was born out of what would become the first of many mission trips my wife and I took to Haiti several years ago.

On our first trip, we served many people. All of them impoverished and what stuck out to me was the children. There were so many children. And they were living in some of the worst conditions I’d ever seen.

On our last day, we visited the local hospital. The hospital staff was on strike so it was being staffed by volunteers. The place was filthy, had little electricity and rodents were everywhere seeming to keep patients company.

The infancy ward is where my heart – which up until this point in my life, had been pretty stone-like – finally broke. One volunteer was taking care of a number of infants as best she could under the most dire conditions I had ever seen.

And my heart shattered.

You see, I was at one time an orphan. I spent time in foster care before I was adopted. I grew up never quite sure of myself and my place in the world.

But in the faces of these of these children, I saw how the hand of God has covered my life. That while my life had not been easy, He had spared me from so much.

Following that trip, I knew that I had to use my gifts, my talents and my passion for technology for good. And I needed to use it to help others do good in the world, whether locally or globally.

Heartwired Technical Solutions is committed to making web design and tech support accessible for organizations that are committed to serving. Whether a non-profit organization, a church or business whose heart is focused on building the Kingdom of God, I’m here to help them reach their goals with exceptional, heart-focused technology support.