Whether it be web design or a redesign, in today’s noisy world an organization’s web presence can be its life bread. At HeartWired, we believe in using our God-given gifts to embolden others to do greater good within their own community.

Why Choose Us?

As a company that’s sole purpose is to reflect the creativity of our Creator in your business. We strive to not only determine your organization’s technology needs but to ensure your spirit of goodwill shines through in all you do. We will take the time to understand your business and what you bring to your customers. In developing your website, or other technology need, our compassion will foster itself into working relationships to provide you the resources to do more good.

Website Design

Websites are a dime a dozen, well the cheap ones made by someone’s cousin in their basement are at least. There are many companies that offer cookie cutter models that you have to fit your business model into their mold. We believe in individuality and uniqueness in everyone’s dream. Our designers will work closely throughout the design or redesign process until you have a website that represents you and the gifts you have to share.

Website Maintenance

Ever click on a website only to get an error message? Or even worse be in the process of checking out only to have the transaction interrupted? We offer maintenance programs that ensure that your website remains up to date. This includes things like updating plugins, regularly backing up your site, updating your themes as they change, validating that the updates don’t interrupt the functionality or performance of your site. Allowing you the freedom of mind to do the great works you have been called to do, and leaving the technical stuff to us.

Community Building

Whether you are a nonprofit foundation, local church, or small business your need is different than any other. One common thread that binds us all together in this world is our communion with others. We at HeartWired believe in relationship building. By providing services such as e-commerce, subscription based sales, donations, and much more we focus on your web presence and the audience in which you are called to serve.